Biomass Boilers

The cost of Biomass fuel is considerably less volatile than oil or gas, and unlike these dwindling fossil fuels, woodbiomasspellets are a renewable energy with a secure supply Our Biomass boilers operate up to 93% efficiency and can massively out-perform oil or gas (a typical non-condensing fossil boiler may only be 70% efficient). So your biomass boiler delivers much more heat for every pound you spend on fuel Under the Government’s NI Renewable Heat Incentive (NI RHI) scheme, you will receive regular grant payments when you install a biomass boiler generating renewable heat


Non-domestic customer (0kw -199kw)

Non-domestic customers do not receive an upfront capital grant, but they do receive quarterly RHI grant payments for a 20-year period. RHI is paid at 6.4 pence per unit of heat (kWhr).

The unit costs of oil versus wood pellets will fluctuate, but the RHI payment exceeds both. So in real terms, non-domestic customers benefit from FREE heat plus they get a significant financial reward over the 20-year period.


1314 peak hours be paid at the standard tariff 6.4p

1314 hours and above 1.5p

A cap of 400,000kwh – Any heat generated over this is not eligible for payment