Galebreaker Rollerscreen Northern Ireland

Galebreaker rollerscreen northern ireland

Rollerscreen – spring operated roller screen system

Rollerscreen system for above gates, walls and feed barriers providing fast access, weather protection and variable ventilation.

Suitable for agricultural applications including livestock feed passages, scraper passages, main livestock entrances, equestrian doors, hay and straw storage, variable ventilation control and milking parlours

  • System tested to 10,000 operations
  • Locking mechanism for stability
  • Fully adjustable to fit available opening
  • Market leader for over 30 years
  • Secure even in high winds
  • Operational in poor weather conditions
  • Rope pull which slides out of the way for unrestricted access
  • Complies with EC door directive EN-13241
  • 10 year guarantee
Suitable for weather protection
Helps maximise ventilation for livestock