Screw Press Separators Northern Ireland


Screw Press Separators Northern Ireland

  We offer a range of screw press separators used for the processing of livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents. They feature a screen inspection window, screw treatment, screens, planetary gearbox, side supported screw front, sealing system, sealing inspection window, and smart piping input.  

Screw press separators are used to separate the solid from liquid fraction during the anaerobic fermentation process. The liquid fraction can be used as a fertilizer and for irrigation.

The solid fraction can be used as an amender, for cattle bedding, etc... The use of screw press separators is also recommended as a pre-treatment in nitrogen-reducing plants

Screen inspection window

Top inspection window for quick and easy checking that the screen is clean.

Screw treatment

Innovative coating treatment with a mixture of tungsten carbide and metallic matrix that ensures very high hardness and low brittleness.


Geometrically structured stainless steel screens with strength and chemical composition of materials specifically designed for each application.

Sealing inspection window

Allows visual checks for leakage, safeguarding the integrity of the gearbox in this event. Sealing system System of three lip seals with grease for a secure seal between the screw press separator and the gearbox.

Smart piping input

Inlet piping designed to drain empty and avoid possible freezing when the machine is inactive.