Solar PV Northern Ireland Solar PV County Antrim

Solar PV Northern Ireland Solar PV County Antrim



Linton Solutions offer a wide range of renewable solutions and specialises in the installation of Solar PV County Antrim and Solar PV Northern Ireland wide. Solar PV panels capture light energy from the sun and convert it into DC electricity, the same form of electricity found in a car battery. This DC electricity then passes through an Solar PV Northern Ireland Solar PV County Antriminverter to produce AC. The resulting AC supply is used as the primary source of electricity and can be seamlessly supplemented by the grid, if required.


Grants are there to assist with the purchase of your solar install, you will receive 12p per kW generated from you solar install for 20 years. This is from the Renewable Obligation Certificates or otherwise known as ROCS. As well as generating an income through ROCS whatever excess energy not being used on your property can be sold back to the grid at a price of 5p per kW.

Payback period can be worked out easily from the size of solar install you have purchased by taking into account the following

  • ROC Payments (12p per KW)
  • Electric saved
  • Export – Sold back to the grid at 5.1pence depending on provider




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